Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Altering the old..

Sometimes I take stock of older works..and sometimes not so old works and decide to offer them a new life..a second are a few examples!...


Usually my issue has been either colour tone or lack of story..and then revisions come to me later!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Incredible but true One Day Sale and new works!

 A beautiful morning indeed..

Why not check out this splendid offer...
Sale...One day only Monday  November 24th!  All art in my  Etsy shop 30% off!  Simply use coupon code maudthanksyou....

 And time to be indoors to create more vertical .with an abstract,textured feel..

. and horizontal paintings!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter's breath is upon us!

I am finding myself hunkering in to warm myself in front of the fire these past few days..Snow days already and it's only November 20! Reflecting on the past month or so I have been busy -and my activities diverse! A weekend visit with two artist friends at a cozy cottage  proved to be a remedy from my own private hustle and bustle
Having my art featured in the most lovely Heartwood Home Decor store in Owen Sound for the month of November has been a treat!

A drive to Toronto to see family..(and wrestle traffic!)

Roller skating with my local Roller Derby Team at the Santa Claus Parade..

and a few new  art pieces..
 this painting was re jigged,painted and altered...
A couple of workshops in October that were fun and enriching! The Memory Box project with a feisty group of local seniors and a journal workshop with some creative youth from local high schools